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Phone of the Wind

This Phone of the Wind is a result of a grant application made to, and approved by,  the Awesome Piqua Trustees. Click here to learn more: Awesome Piqua

Our Awesome Piqua Chapter is focused on projects which will make the Piqua community a better place in which to live and work.  Our Chapter is the first one in Ohio, and is part of the worldwide Awesome Foundation


Awesome Piqua donates $1,000 to approved applications, no strings attached, for an event or project that will help make Piqua a better community. 


If you have an awesome idea which will surprise, delight and benefit people in Piqua, please apply for one of our $1,000 grants to turn your idea into reality.  You can apply HERE.


​​The Phone of the Wind


This phone is for everyone who has lost a loved one. The phone is an outlet for those who have messages they wish to share with their lost friends and family. It is a phone for memories and saying the goodbye you never got to say.

Click Here to learn more: CBS Sunday Morning: Telephone of the Wind

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